On 14.10.2018, World Diabetic Day was celebrated at GVN Hospital(P) Ltd, Trichy.

Our GVN Hospital chairman Dr V Jayapal inaugurated the diabetic education center on this occasion.

He spoke on prevention of complications of DM.

The nurses educated OP & IP patients and their relatives about cause, signs and symptoms, prevention of complications with the help of flash cards.

Dietitians explained about diet pyramid.

Clinical pharmacist talked about diabetic drugs and insulin.

Nurses demonstrated foot care and hygiene to the patients and using mirror, they also evaluated the foot using foot Evaluation guide.

Hereafter, gvnhospital diabetic education center will function on every Saturdays from 10am to 1 pm.

During this time, whatever is mentioned above will be carried out regularly.

Diabetic education center on all Saturdays for diet counseling, drug compliance, foot evaluation.